Important News and Updates

Members we are currently updating our email address book. Please call the lodge to update us with a current email address so we can keep you informed and updated about our amazing lodge. 


Saturday May 15th starting at 10 am


Please stop by and help fellow Elk members/volunteers to spruce up the landscaping at the Elks. Let’s get it ready for summer. If you have extra rakes, and landscaping tools please feel to bring them with you. Coffee and donuts available


Attention Elk Members, we are looking for volunteers to help form a committee to help raise funds for the new steps to access the Elks beach. The last two years has been hard on the erosion that Lake Erie is experiencing. Currently there is not a easy way down there.

If you are interested and would like to be part of this event, please come to our 1st committee meeting on April 8th at 6:30.

We will be working on throwing a "Stepping into Summer" bash at the Elks on May 15th 2021. This includes DJ, food, drinks, raffle items, and more. All members are welcome. Love some new/creative ideas. All funds will go towards access to our beach.

Any questions, please contact Denise at 440-813-0778

We will have the dining room and bar area set up according to special covid regulations set by the governors office.


We will have a waitress at the door monitoring entry and population rules.


Our staff will be required to wear face masks. Our members will have the option to wear/or not wear.